Jane Maxwell


This series celebrates fashion and power. The women on my canvas’ are striding with confidence, style and strength. They are influenced by the fashion seen on the pages of magazines, on the red carpet and fashion runway, but have made it uniquely their own. I am asserting authority, individuality and fearlessness. On these canvas’ I am putting into play my own fantasy of becoming a fashion designer by dressing these women in found papers with distinct pattern, texture and print.

Dresses are built from torn, layered billboard papers that I’ve torn down and repurposed as fashion.  I love the use of these rich, textured paper that have layers of history and are then transformed into modern style.

~ Jane Maxwell

back and forth
31 x 58 | mixed media with resin on panel | 2017
billboard coats
60 x 48 | mixed media with resin on panel | 2016
polka dot dresses
36 x 36 | mixed media with resin on panel | 2017
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